Do you dread putting your brows on in the morning?

Save time and money by investing in permanent makeup and wake up with flawless brows!

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Permanent brows thanks to Microblading

Microblading is the process of injecting pigment into the skin using a hand tool. The tip of the blade consists of a line of tiny needles, It lets the technician draw fine hairlines that look identical to the surrounding natural hair making them blend in and appear unnoticeable.

A skilled technician can change the look of the brows by altering the shape, thickness and colour creating beautiful brows that will last months or even years.

If permanent makeup is not for you why not try our HD Brows treatment which lasts between 4-6 weeks on hair regrowth.

You can reach us by phone, FacebookInstagram and if you’re nearby you’re welcome to drop into to our Nottingham Salon for a consultation. Alternatively, fill in the form below to tell us a little bit about what treatments you would like and we’ll be in touch.

Microblading Treatments

Our treatments start from £150 for a top-up and £250 for a first-time treatment, if you require more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Microblading £250

Microblading Top-up £150

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